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- The Gladiator is a tragedy, drama, action, adventure, and love story.

It develops on many themes including; vengeance, honor, loyalty, deceit, power, and perseverance.

The film maker’s main thematic purpose however is a constant throughout the entire movie holding the plot line together to revolve around this one objective.

The author uses various techniques of characterization such as; indirect character development, caricatures to advance the progression of dynamic characters, and including tragic occurrences that immediately alter the character’s state of mind to develop on the main thematic purpose of the necessity of achieving one’s goal at all costs....

[tags: Film Review] - In the novels One Hundred Years of Solitude and The House of the Spirits we see how both Allende and Garcia Marquez uses genealogy to develop Esteban Trueba and Jose Arcadio Buendia .

The authors both use the genealogy of the characters to influence the characters in a different way.

In the One Hundred Years of Solitude Garcia Marquez used Jose Arcadio Buendia’s genealogy to influence his development as a character.

The same can be said with How Allende uses Trueba’s genealogy to greatly affect his development in The House of the Spirits....

[tags: One Hundred Years of Solitude] - Characterization has been the cornerstone of literature for centuries.

Character presentation can attain any work fame or shame.

Geoffrey Chaucer, a pioneer of English Literature’s works carried mass appeal.

His best known works appealed to those of all walks of life.

Chaucer’s work resulted in mass appeal because it used many forms of characterization to present the characters to the reader.

In Geoffrey Chaucer’s Prologue to the Canterbury Tales, Chaucer uses thoughts and actions, his word, and satire to characterize The Squire and The Wife of Bath....

[tags: Classic English Literature] - In the play, Othello by William Shakespeare, the memorable ideas have been presented through dramatic techniques by the characterization of Iago and Othello.

An author may also characterize a character through his or her gestures or speeches.

The idea of characterization and how one character’s actions may enlighten audiences to issues surrounding another character is brilliantly illustrated by Williams in his The Glass Menagerie....

[tags: Tennessee Williams] - Chekhov is part of a non-typical category of artists, because he did not believed in his genius, on the contrary, there are evidence that he believed that his work will not conquer time and posterity.

Spectacular, just like Russia at the border between the 19th and 20th century, Chekhov was born the son of serfs in 1860 (Tsar Alexander will abolish serfdom in 1861) only to become a landlord 32 years later, and a neighbor of Prince Shakovskoi.

He bought the Melikhovo estate (unconsciously imitating Tolstoy, the patriarch of Iasnaia Polyana), not far from Moscow, with 13 thousand rubles of which he has paid an advance of five thousand....

These two characters are the cause and effect of the play and through them, the destruction of human nature, the question of the effect that love can have on our ability to reason and the deceptive nature of man are explored.

Love links the ideas of jealousy and deception, as Iago manipulates this strong emotion to his advantage.

Also, Shakespeare’s dramatic technique of presenting this story as a play, is what is able to reveal all the ideas and themes to the extent that the full emotion and feelings are able to be felt by the audience...

[tags: William Shakespeare] - Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie makes use of the characters to not only show a story but to also tell a story.

Characterization is how characters are represented and the ways in which this is accomplished, such as, how an author limits one’s responses, questions or observations, for instance.

[tags: Character Analysis ] - In Joyce Jones’s short story, “The Boarding House,” characterization is a key factor. Mooney, a divorced wife, was considered to be a woman who was very determined by the author. Mooney firmly takes control of her own life, as well as her daughter Polly’s.

She successfully planned to secure her daughter in a comfortable marriage in which shows her character is a bit ambiguous.

It seems as though she demands equality between men and women but also manipulates relationships to rid herself of her daughter....

[tags: Character Analysis ] - William Shakespeare is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the history of English literature as well as the world’s paramount playwright.

Possibly the most superlative writing attribute he possessed was his unmatched ability of characterization.

Shakespeare created unique, opaque, and eminent characters who related to almost everyone.

When one thinks of these famous characters, Shakespeare’s tragedy of Macbeth comes into consideration.

Macbeth is possibly Shakespearian Theatre’s densest and most disturbed character, and this prestigious title can be credited to his obvious psychological problems....

[tags: Shakespeare, Macbeth, ] - Sanders expresses his desire to become an influential, educated man by characterizing the broken-down laborers he knew as a child solely as tools for labor, and through word choice that paints these men as worn out and beaten down.

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