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[tags: Privatization Criminal Justice Equality Essays] - The recent announcement of privatization of national resources and enterprises in Kosovo has sparked a great deal of debate.

While the government is preparing to put on the market some of the most important national assets in hopes of creating better economic prospects, questions have arisen about the rationale of this decision.

Seen from the perspective of different schools of thought in Kosovo, privatization is considered to be either absolutely necessary, or too dangerous.

It is our way either to a modern, developed and prosperous economy, or to increased unemployment, poverty and social plight....

[tags: world economy, economic] - I am on the cusp of a new industry, soon to be sweeping across the globe.

Privatization is the process in which a government will sell a state owned enterprise and assets to be privately owned and operated.

“The United Kingdom, under the Thatcher government, ushered in the era of privatization in the early 1980s.” (pg3) “The focus on privatization is rooted in the ideological belief that competitive markets are the most efficient actors capable of distributing resources and producing goods.” The sale of assets in the first decade of privatization generated more than £15 billion of revenue for the government....

[tags: SOE,tax collection,public good] - Although water is all around, very little is drinkable.

Six billion people live on earth and 1.1 billion in 31 countries are unable to access safe, clean drinking water. Ironically, even the wettest place on earth, Cherrapunji, India, has often water shortages.

After years of millions of people dying of thirst and disease, a corporate movement to find a solution to the water crisis has now swept the world.

I believe that Social Security is a doomed Government Program and that Privatization of Social Security would allow for a more secure retirement plan for all Americans.

Social Security was first created to help aging Americans in their senior years so they would not end up in poverty.

Social Security was signed in as law on August 14, 1935 by President Franklin D....

[tags: retirement plan, privatization of social security] - Privatisation means transferring the control of an enterprise from the government sector to the private sector.

Generally, but not always, this also means transferring ownership of the Public sector enterprise as well as control. It can be accomplished by the government selling 100% of an enterprise, or selling 51%, or even by selling a minority stake - so long as the private sector is given full managerial control.

Armed with little but a wet-dry vacuum, several filters, and empty jelly jars, I have found a way to bottle oxygen.

Right now, I sell my oxygen to major companies that need oxygen to produce their products, such as agribusiness corporations to grow plants and Pepsi to make carbonated bubbles.

Every time I wheel my machine into the middle of town, people complain between struggled breaths.

My local government claims that oxygen is a need, not a right....

[tags: Potable Water Privatization] - Privatization is not a new phenomenon and has been affecting governments both positively and negatively for many years.

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According to El-Haddad, in 2017 the industry produced 26.4% of industrial production, LE 33.5 billion of total value added (MOED 2008), and approximately 10% of the country’s exports (El-Haddad 2010:2)....

Privatization process and its impact in Egyptian textile and clothing industry The Egyptian textile and clothing industry has been of vital significance to the Egyptian economy, as the entire production process from the cultivation of cotton to the production of yarns, fabrics and garments are performed domestically.

[tags: Privatization Process, Impacts, Egyptian Textile] - In the previous years ago, the word privatization was not well-known same as today.

Conversely, word nationalization was popular at that time because of the government at that time owned all of the important enterprises such as infrastructure businesses while private sector owned in the diminutive enterprise which not important about the lifestyle of the people that illustrated the government had more bargaining power than private sector.

Almost people knew nationalization but did not know about privatization....

[tags: privatization, nationalazation, USA, history,] - It’s a matter of either losing all that you have worked for and live in poverty when retired or allowing your hard earned dollars to grow and have a secure comfortable retirement.

Without transferring control to the private sector, the government can rise money by selling a smaller share, but that is not privatisation as such....

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