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Cases of the Ingessana Hills, Blue Nile State and the Nuba Mountains, Southern Kordofan State.

Mey Eltayeb Ahmed, 2008Ph D Thesis, University of Khartoum, Sudan For further information, please contact the author Limits and Potential in the municipality of El Grullo, Mexico Cherryl Andr de la Porte, 2007Ph D Thesis, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) Lausanne, Switzerland For further information please contact the author Dilemmas of National and Regional Hydropolitcs Yacob Arsano, 2004Ph D Thesis, University of Zurich, Switzerland This thesis addresses the use and management of the Nile waters from a legal/institutional, security, environmental and economic point of view.

On the national level the limited institutional and economic capacity to make use of Ethiopia's waters was highlighted as a key factor, slowing development and minimizing Ethiopia's clout to influence international relations to her advantage.

On the international level the downstream's (Egypt and Sudan) holding on to the status quo of historical agreements and the principle of "acquired rights" was identified as a major factor blocking cooperative development.

The Nile Basin Initiative, since 1999, gives hope for a more cooperative future.

It focuses on the norms and values that construe conflict and its mitigation. It examines both conflicts and interventions studied for their embeddedness in power relations." For further information, please contact the author An ethnoecological approach to dialogue between traditional and scientific ecological knowledge Sebastien Boillat, 2007Ph D Thesis, University of Bern, Switzerland This thesis has the overall goal of contributing to the development of the emerging approach of nature-society hybrids by setting the fundaments for a dialogue between the needs of biodiversity conservation and the needs and claims of indigenous and traditional people.

It is based on the assumption that indigenous and traditional people may not be conservationists by default, because the concept of biodiversity conservation has emerged from a concern of modern science and global policy in the developed world that they do not share necessarily.

Nevertheless, indigenous communities may have traditional land use practices that are at the same time deeply rooted in their traditional knowledge and specific cultural worldview, and highly relevant for the conservation of biodiversity.

The main objective of the thesis was to analyze the links between traditional ecological knowledge, land use and the diversity of ecosystems, as a basis for the promotion of sustainable development, understood as results emerging from the dialogue between scientific and traditional ecological knowledge.

Download (9.5 MB)Une tude anthropologique sur l'importance des relations sociales en cas de maladie Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire)Rita Bossart, 2003Ph D Thesis, University of Basel, Switzerland For further information please contact the author The Role of Knowledge for Sustainable Development Thomas Breu, 2006Ph D Thesis, University of Bern, Switzerland The goals of this study were on the one hand to generate knowledge on the status of and dynamics of the different dimensions of sustainability in the Tajik Pamirs.

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This process not only consisted of the compilation of features in the economic, socio-cultural and ecological spheres, but also included the appraisal and negotiation of development objectives by different stakeholders levels for a development strategy of the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO).

On the other hand this study was dedicated to appraise land resources problems, land degradation causes and sustainable land management opportunities from a stakeholder perspective.

From a conceptual point of view, the research looked at knowledge at different stakeholder levels and its role for sustainable land management. Urban agriculture and operational mosquito larvae control: mitigating malaria risk in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

GIS Mapping, Modelling, and Social Anthropology Approaches Kouassi Dongo, 2006The purpose of this study was to contribute to syndrome mitigation related to deficiencies in the management of urban drainage and solid and liquid waste in Abidjans informal settlements in order to assist in improving living conditions of these populations. Analysis of Deficiencies in the Management of Urban Drainage and Solid and Liquid Waste in the Slums of Yopougon (Abidjan, Ivory Coast): GIS Mapping, Modelling, and Social Anthropology Approaches [Ph D thesis]. Download Yopougan (Abidjan): a study of the influence of physical conditions and deficiencies in liquid and solid waste management systems [in French]Kouassi Dongo, 2006Ph D Thesis, Universit de Cocody, Cte d'Ivoire For further information please contact the author Stefan Dongus, 2009This study describes how simple participatory mapping, GIS and remote sensing applications can enable successful urban malaria control.

The study focuses on solid and liquid waste management in 6 informal settlements (Doukour, Yaoshi, Mami Faitai, Yamoussoukro, Gbinta and Niangon Continu) which are located along a main drainage channel.

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The success of the NBI, however, will only be assured if a legal/institutional framework can be agreed on.

The Ph D ends with various options to increase cooperation, also on non-water issues.

Download Christine Bichsel, 2006Ph D Thesis, University of Bern, Switzerland "The present study focuses on irrigation disputes and 'conflict transformation' in Central Asia.

It analyses three projects by international and bilateral donors who share common approach to transforming irrgation conflicts in the Ferghana Valley. First, it addresses the environment-conflict nexus. It explores the relationship between irrigation and the occurence of inter-group conflict.

Second, the thesis examines the prescriptive approach of 'conflict transformation'.

Multiple Implications of Soil Erosion and Conservation. -