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The Israeli group has rapidly become the most active local network in the ESSWE, as it has now produced two workshops/conferences in less than one year (see this post for their first event last summer)!

Finally, the “scholar interviews” this time are with Kocku von Stuckrad, and yours truly. Heterodoxology has aimed to establish the practice of reviewing new publications and releases in the field of esotericism, particularly notifying about current issues of the journal Aries.

Aries 11.1 has been out for a couple of months already, so this comes somewhat late.

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Szőnyi, Johann Valentin Andreae, Leigh Penman, Marco Totti, Marina Warner, Mark Morrisson, Matteo Soranzo, Nadya Q.

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Posted by sefa on Dec 23, 2017 in Cake and Cookies, Featured, Having Fun, Kareem, Kitchenette, Milestones, Playground | 0 comments On his birthday, December 8th, 2014, K learned how to bake cookies on his elementary school preparation project.

As K will be 5 years and 7 months on the beginning of the new school calendar, he can join the project.

It started with Pfannkuchen, then Bubur Ayam, following by Burger and some more until one day he said: “Bibu, I want to eat siomay abang-abang”.

When he said abang-abang, means I have to make the one with more tapioca flour than the fish. Then, the story continued by me searching for the recipe, but nothing is really interest me.

Actually I once posted the recipe of street vendor siomay in Multiply (MP), but since MP is shutdown and I didn’t back up all my recipes there, so… One thing I remembered is this siomay must be rubbery (hence the big amount of tapioca flour).

As a member of what’s been called the “brat pack” of esotericism scholars I am proud to note that a considerable number of us are appearing on the scene this year with monographs based on Ph D dissertations.

The brat pack presumably consists of a group of (then) students and emerging scholars who were around at the time of ESSWE 1 in 2007, and who have frequently been seen together at conferences since.

on November 16, 2012 at pm Comments (1) Tags: Aleister Crowley, Church of Satan, dianetics, Henrik Bogdan, Jesper Aa. Being in the trade of craft books, their editions are made to last for generations – and as if that does not already mark their releases from most books published these days, each new release also come with its own (The Devil in Love) while listening to tracks such as “I’m in Love With the Devil” (Tiger Lillies), “Mistress of Deceit” (Jarboe), and “Love in the Devil’s Tongue” (Stone Breath).

While Malört has so far been focusing on publications in Swedish, they do plan to expand to the English speaking market soon. on October 3, 2017 at am Comments (4) Tags: craft books, Ella Odstedt, folklore, Jacques Cazotte, Jarboe, Le Diable Amoureux, Malört Förlag, occult fiction, Per Faxneld, Stone Breath, The Devil in Love, Tiger Lillies, Timo Ketola, Varulven i svensk folktradition, Werewolf Songs, werewolves The ESSWE’s newsletter for Spring 2017 was sent out to the Society’s members this morning.

It has already found its way online, and can be read here.

The editor, Per Faxneld, has put together a nice little overview of what is going on in the field, including a report from the three centres at Paris, Amsterdam, and Exeter.

Besides this, Sasha Chaitow (of Phoenix Rising Academy) presents her Ph D project on Péladan (“A Babylonian Mage in 19th Century Paris”), while Mike Zuber, who is just about to join the Amsterdam group as a Ph D candidate, describes his upcoming research on Pietism and alchemy. There is also a report on the second INASWE conference, that took place in Haifa, Israel, earlier this Spring.

K was very proud of himself that he can make cookies.

He came home and gave me the cookies and asked me: “Bibu, do you know what flour is?

” Then he started to explain me the process to make cookies from scratch.

How to make the dough, how to roll the dough with rolling pin and how to make the form by cookie cutter. Posted by sefa on Dec 7, 2017 in Dip and Sauce, Featured, Fish and Shellfish, Indonesian Culinary, Kitchenette, Modified Culinary | 0 comments The story began when a little boy lose his appetite.

Not to forget that he must throw some flour to the working table so the batter will not be sticky. Bibu’s trying hard to cook something special so his appetite will rise again.

It was slightly larger than the three previous conferences (in Tübingen, Strasbourg, and Szeged); more than 90 papers were presented, there were discussion panels, keynotes, and night-time events.

The conference was spread out over four days, and it needed every minute of the daily 9-hour schedule.

on July 5, 2013 at am Comments (5) Tags: Allison Coudert, Aren Roukema, conference life, Damon Lycourinos, Dylan Burns, Elizabeth Lowry, ESSWE, ESSWE4, Jimmy Elwing, Johan Nilsson, Matt Twigg, Per Faxneld, Sandra Rudman, Sarah Veale, schizophrenia, Shawn Gray, transhumanism Inspired by my colleague Asbjørn Dyrendal’s recent spur of book blogging (i.e.

this, this and this), I will further bring to the attention three recent collective volumes on themes that should be relevant to many readers of this blog.

While some are more groundbreaking than others, they are all important contributions to their fields, namely: NRM studies, Satanism studies, and the academic study of Aleister Crowley. Starr, Mikael Rothstein, neo-Sufism, Olav Hammer, Paganism, Per Faxneld, Satanism, Wicca Malört Förlag (“Wormwood Publishing”) is a unique and delightful little Swedish publishing house “specializing in texts about the fantastic, the numinous and the aberrant”.

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