Bombastic words for english essay help

There's one that says use big words, make long sentences and use funky punctuation.

On the other hand, there is a "less is more" philosophy.

I used to be a strong proponent of the first school.

I remember when I was began taking writing seriously, this was some time during high school.

I was trying to sound like a genius and it was not working out at all!

But in some cases in order to express a rather complicated thought it is helpful (especially in the scientific world)For English, sounding sophisticated would be keeping your replies clear and concise.

You can mix your "big" words in while making sure things flow well.

It's taking what you learn from English and using your knowledge of interacting with people.

Just about every culture has a few things in common.

And the more you learn English vocabulary, the more you have to work with.

The easiest way to do this is to develop your vocabulary. By knowing synonyms for words one can keep their writing interesting by not repeating the same word over and over again.

Also, it's very easy to be "wasteful" with words if that makes sense.

In writing and especially speaking I'd suggest making sure every word has a purpose. By keeping your sentences clear, direct and concise you'll be able to better keep the attention of your audience.

In English literature there was a trend a few hundred years ago during the Romantic period to be verbose.

A good portion of this was due to the fact that some writers, namely Charles Dickens, were paid per page rather than per book.

For this reason authors of the time had a direct interest in filling their writing with useless and boring information.

In turn, while many of these books are classics, they are to many an acquired taste. It My German is very complicated And I think there lies the problem because in German we say: the more complicated you can write/speak the more educated you are. We do learn very early on that you can connect sentences with "and" : I am German and I am a student.

Hence my tendency to try to build complicated sentences in other languages even though I know that it doesn't work that good (or that it's beyond my ability) It's not so much the "big words" because as you say it depends on your vocabulary. But now I can also distribute information in other ways: I am a female student from Germany The thing is I am looking for such tools that help me to arrange the information I want to give in different ways.

I would like to have lessons that teach me how to have words like "hence" or "therefore" to build longer sentences or to connect ideas/thoughts. I know that I have to work on my problem to think so complicated but I believe that there is still something to learn for me in order to sound more sophisticated.

To write/speak in a good manner I believe you should mix long and short sentences, words and the structure of a sentence. I do agree that you shouldn't use big word just for the sake of it or to write more complicated then you have to.

My teachers would write all over my papers, cross out huge portions of the page that they (rightfully so) felt were unnecessary and point out that I didn't fully understand the meanings of some words I was trying to use.

To throw a vocab word in here, I was being bombastic (someone who intentionally uses big words to sound smart.

Verbose is a similar word more or less meaning the use of too many words to say one thing).

Some time during college (I think I had been reading lots of Hemmingway at the time) my writing style changed drastically in the "less is more" direction.

I feel the best way to sound more sophisticated or eloquent in spoken or written English is through word choice than word count.

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The title says it: how about a lesson that teaches you to sound more sophisticated.

the most problems arise when I try to express complex thoughts and make them sound more sophisticated (which leads to a total breakdown of English grammar).

I am used to form really complicated sentences in my native language and I would love to be able to do that in English as well Sounding sophisticated is a tricky thing to do, however your English is very strong so I can only imagine what your German is like!

Personally, I think the best way to sound sophisticated is to speak and write naturally.

Also, if you're speaking naturally then it's not likely to backfire on you.

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