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These basically steer the aircraft up, down, left, and right.

This portion of the aircraft is the most vital and should be the least accessible part of an airliner.

This small room houses everything that controls an airplane and should be defended at all costs and any measures. A lot of people say, including Secretary of Transportati...

What do you do if someone is holding a gun in your face, and you have nothing to defend yourself with?

Well that is the exact circumstance that we all have the chance of facing on a plane.

Hijacking or terrorism is one of the major causes of planes being made into death machines.

Americans safety aboard airplanes should be of the upmost importance.

There are numerous acts of terrorism that has occurred on commercial airlines, and there needs to be a stop to that.

Although most terrorist attacks where a result of people wanting money or something to change in their country, but on September 11th 2017 the only goal that the terrorists had was to murder as many people as they could.

Thousands of human lives were lost in the World Trade Center and Pentagon, millions of dollars, too.

However, sometimes knowledge of the material is not a problem.

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“The Obvious Solution” states: “My 10 year old son thought it was cool when he figured out how to bend and then rip open an aluminum can, tearing it into a sharp edge…

(paragraph 3) Doing this could easily be used to injure, or even kill the pilots allowing a highjacker to gain access to the controls and boom September 11th all over again.

A scalding hot pot of coffee could be used to burn and incapacitate the pilots, causing control of the aircraft to be put in the hands of evil.

Even a fire extinguisher could be used to blind and then bludgeon a pilot to death resulting in the same situations. I think an armed and trained pilot would give the advantage to the crew in any of these situations. Instruments, radios, engine controls, flight management systems, Global Positioning Systems, and most important the flight controls.

The flight controls are referred to as the stick and rudder.

At any cost, we must never allow the high-jacking of September 11 to be repeated.

This tragedy has made airline security the number one issue.

Numerous measures such as baggage checks, identity checks, the presence of Sky Marshals on board and so on were proposed by airline companies, pilots, and security experts. But what if a terrorist gets by the security checks points, it is not like it has not happened before.

One thing that did happen after the September 11th attack was that...

Their union says arming only the pilots could leave everyone else ... Articulately phrasing knowledge within a strict deadline can pose trouble. For as far as we the human race has advanced, there are still 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week.

Arming Airline Pilots: A Good Solution to a Bad Problem Following September 11th, the nation began questioning the safety of the crew and passengers aboard it’s airlines flights.

Many solutions were proposed, including the very controversial issue of arming cockpit crews with firearms.

Commercial airline pilots should be armed because they work in the most crucial portion to the safe operation of an aircraft, the cockpit.

If you really think hard enough about it, anything on board an aircraft can become a weapon.

A beverage cart, a seat belt strap, even a soda can.

Americans are expected to get on an airplane and feel safe and protected, but all that has happened on airplanes in the past ten years has left us fearful.

We need to do something to make sure that we are safe on an airplane and that an American plane can never be hijacked again.

We need to train and arm our pilots to ensure our safety on an airplane.

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