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In a specific case in Ireland, the researchers contacted a survey on hospital workers and the doctors on how they understood the phrase 'elderly abuse', the results implicated that most of the participants felt very uncomfortable with the phrase 'elder abuse' Contrary to this, the social workers were very conversant with the phrase, variation was not taken well by the researchers, it was attributed to the type of training that social workers receive while undergoing their studies at the undergraduate level.

Education and training for the Doctors should also include the chronological age structure with the focus on the adult protection.

This will be very significant in the efforts to prevent of the elderly abuse.

According to, (Pritchard 2002) it has been found out that in case of the long-term care the main cause of Elderly abuse was due to the lack of awareness amongst the staff who were mostly involved in the verbal abuse by use of certain were abusive words.

Despite the efforts which have been input in attempting to improve the awareness On the issue of elderly abuse, the elderly people who reside in the long-term care units are likely to be exposed to more vulnerable situations.

In the past years these cases of psychological abuse had occurred and in most times involved the same person who was targeted by the abusers.

This paper deals with different forms of abuse in the modern society that include; violation of their rights, financial abuse, psychological torture, physical abuse, and negligence.

It also explores various causes of abuse to the elderly people in the society; the specific areas that have been identified include institutional setups, nature of the employment (employee) contract and the specific client characteristics in the case of elderly people being involved in the business enterprises.

Literature Review In a study that was carried out on elder abuse in long-term care, by Lachs & Pillemer, (2004) there were high rates of elderly abuse in the societies living in United States of America.

The subsequent study was carried out by Mc Creadie Et al.

The causes of elderly abuse closely linked to institutions, employment (employee) and the specific client characteristics.

This implies that there is need for formulation of policies that will act as preventive measures for elderly people especially in residential places.

The policies should define who an elderly person is, their basic human needs, who to be in charge of the elderly /caregiver, the qualifications of the care giving institutions in case of an abuse.

Generally the state of the elderly people can be very pathetic in modern society due to the increasing economic recession, which is associated with difficulties hence rendering the elderly as an economic burden.

Psychological abuse in most cases is the worst forms of abuse to elderly , People who are psychologically abused will report cases that show them having been undermined or belittled; insulted, called bad names or sworn at, the prevention from seeing others; and having been excluded or repeatedly ignored by the caregivers (Coffey, 2010).

(2007) it was found out that more than one third of the 577 nursing homes' staff in the United States had witnessed elder abuse, with psychological abuse cited as the most prevalent type.

The authors concluded that abuse of residents in Nursing homes was sufficiently extensive to merit public concern.

However, the issue of awareness of elderly abuse amongst the health and the social caregivers has not been properly evaluated.

The Nurses' knowledge of on topic of elderly abuse was extensively explored the researchers, who gave the recommendations for the educational extensions on assessment, the legal implications and the availability of possible interventions.

On his attempts, (Hughes, 2006) also gave out some suggestions on the way the nurses should examine their attitude in relation to the elderly patients.

As (Hughes, 2006)) states , the Risk factors such as stress, is supposed to be considered as a theoretical explanation of the reasons behind elderly abuse, other risk factors include; Attempts have also been made to the risk factors in a detailed manner with reference to the continuum of elderly abuse.

The early studies based on caregivers' stress as the key issue, the main focus was on the older person's physical and mental difficulties.

There is limited evidence that supports the focus on the elderly people who the victims, hence most researchers concentrate on the abuser (perpetrator) The identification of the elderly abuse proves to be difficult for the healthcare Workers.

Most of professionals concerned with elderly people's care giving have expressed the lack of confidence in reporting the abuses.

The difficulties have been attributed to the lack of awareness and the difference in the perceptions of concerning the victims(elder abuse).

Introduction Abuse to the elderly people has been a common practice in most societies in different parts of the world, there is need to stop this trend in line with the protection of human rights.

Research has found that 60 percent of elderly people are abused all over the world.

This is attributed to the difficulties that the elderly undergo, ranging from violation of their rights, financial abuse, psychological torture, physical abuse and negligence.

The research carried in nursing institutions ranked the nursing homes as the leading places of negligence to the elderly.

Majority of elderly people are taken to the nursing homes where they are left without enough care or given last priority in terms of medical needs and the diet.

In recent times, the researchers have recommendation for educational measures to help the practitioner identification and management of cases related to elderly abuse.

Mc Creadie et al(2000) on their research on United Kingdom's GPs indicated that one of the strongest factors that can predict the diagnosis of elderly abuse was the acquisition of knowledge on the risk situations, according to the research above the GPs who frequently read articles with topics on abuse elderly people had the highest preference in diagnosing elderly abuse as compared to those who did not do the same.

In the cases of long-term care, the residents' are always in need for assistance in their day to day living activities, therefore in such cases the caregivers are overloaded, the elderly people are then exposed to very abusive situations.

In the attempt to understand the causes of elder abuse, the researchers have studied other forms of family violence such as child abuse and spousal abuse.

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